Pascal LOEB

Conseiller en immobilier at IAD France

About me

Hello, I am Pascal LOEB independent real estate agent attached to the network iad France. In this capacity, I hold the position of iad real estate advisor on the city of SAINT-LOUIS. I got to know this sector and its specificities perfectly. Listening to your needs, I help you in your search for a new property. By appealing to me, you will gain in time, relevance and precision. To do this, I put at your service my network and my experience of advising real estate in the geographical area where you want to settle. Price per square metre, location, rental or sale, type of property, area sought in SAINT-LOUIS are essential information to realize your future real estate transaction. They will help you clearly delineate your real estate project. My role as a real estate agent at SAINT-LOUIS allows me to accompany you methodically, every step of the way, according to your convenience. In the long run, you will have all the elements in your possession to help you carry out your real estate transaction in complete transparency.
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French, German, English