House for sale, Via della Chiesa Vecchia , in Roccaranieri, Italy


Roccaranieri, Via della Chiesa Vecchia

Castle • 100 m² • Ref: 5755

Medieval tower dating back to the year 800 AD We are located in Lazio, 15 kilometers from Rieti, 1.5 hours from Rome and 1 hour from L'Aquila, immersed in the wonders of the central Apennines. This beautiful village dates back to the year 800 AD of Roman occupation with historical remains also pre-Roman visible in numerous locations. This inhabited jewel occupies the summit of a rocky mountain at 700 m above sea level. Roccaranieri, a historic hamlet of the municipality of Longone Sabino, enjoys a strategic position: it is impossible not to mention at least the two Lakes of Salto and the Turano, reachable in no more than 20 minutes, as well as the Terminillo la whose summit can be reached in 40â. The village is served by roads and public transport, as well as by main services such as gas, electricity, telephone, drinking water and sewerage, which lap the property in question. Roccaranieri houses a postal service, a bar and a pharmacy. Characterized by deep-rooted traditions, and the alternation of ancient buildings with more modern ones, offers that serenity  restaurateur of which today we feel more than ever the need. A real antidote Anti stress. During the festive periods, basically summer and winter, those who have had the opportunity to get to know the country, they leave the city to regenerate in this place naturally beneficial. Who are we addressing with this announcement? To those who have intention to reserve their corner of peace in a prestigious environment and exclusive. We are not talking about an apartment, nor© a villa. Let's talk about a tower. Indeed, of the Country Tower. The Tower is on three levels with a total square footage of about 100 square meters. To the advantage of the modest cost of this prestigious property, is added the possibility of being able to act in the renovation (and not only that) with government bonuses. This could mean âfare the differenceâ. At the end of the work you will have the certainty of possession of a prestigious investment of much higher value than all the expense incurred. Long uninhabited, it has been the subject of a recent restoration of the roof and façade to ensure the best preservation. It has not thermal coat or fixtures. Interior floors at the moment can not be considered not even viable. The historic settlement, erected with the purpose of controlling the exposed slope âallâinvasoreâ is turned in favor of the sun, whose sunset creeps with maximum intensity in the ancient windows from the which you can see the best view. Inside it preserves all its history, as if it were a personal museum. The ancient and heavy key opens a door in wood that gives access to a floor interposed between two other levels scorti between wooden beams, sometimes the only structural material that constitutes the plans compromised by time. You can already appreciate them from there prestigious antique furniture and other various utensils typical of the time of his last guest (1900-1975). A important fireplace dominates the wall more to the EAST, which is also replicated to the others plans. You can see a heavy, huge and dated mirror of undoubted value and in excellent condition, as are the spinning machines, tools and other machinery Textile.


Living100 m²

Via della Chiesa Vecchia


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